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Our history

Nefeli! Nefeli or Nephele, a name from Greek mythology, linked with the myth of Phrixus and Helle. Nephele was created by Zeus in the image of Hera in order to trick Ixion, who fathered the Centaurs with her.

In our days and in the fresh fruit & vegetable sector, the name 'Nefeli' is linked with a top company currently in its 2nd decade of life, but with a history as interesting as that of its namesake Goddess!

In order to unravel the history of the 'Nefeli' company, we must go back to the year 2000, when the ambitious dreams of Christos Sarantidis and Christina Kontochristou began with the founding of the company.

From the outset, they aimed high and wanted their company to win a dominant position in the fresh fruit & vegetable sector within a reasonable period of time. The road to the top chosen by the founders of 'Nefeli' was not the shortest one, as they decided to impose hard company rules, which were based on a then-innovative philosophy that remains timely today.

fruit sorting

Our Philosophy

We have a different philosophy for each step of the process. More specifically, at the heart of this philosophy lies the provision of high-quality, certified products to customers, the observance of safety rules during delivery, packaging, preservation and distribution, the application of marketing techniques and close cooperation with associates, scientific knowledge and new technologies, and aesthetics in terms of packaging and communication; as we have proved, if adhered to, this philosophy can lead you to the top...

company facilities

Our facilities

These dreams slowly started to become a reality and 'Nefeli' quickly acquired land covering 18 stremmas in the region of Skydra in order to house the company's professional activities; 22 stremmas were added to this area in order to cover future expansions. Thus, this was the site of our building facilities covering 2,000 m2, housing the company's processing lines, offices and refrigeration spaces.

Our growth

At the beginning of the new decade, the Greek market began to present high needs for a number of products and 'Nefeli' did not ignore this opportunity. By establishing suitable partnerships, the newly-founded company succeeded in introducing a large range of products, including lemons, garden greens, apples, pears, etc., and thus won a large share of the domestic market.

The springboard for this action was the market of Turkey, where the company continues to carry out noteworthy commercial transactions. By establishing its headquarters in the rich land of Macedonia, the company had the good fortune of being at the centre of production of numerous products, which it included in its product range and which further strengthened its commercial position on the market.

Under these conditions, 'Nefeli' had its attention focused on the Greek market for five years, with only a minimal presence in the international markets. In 2005, the company participated in 'Fruit Logistica', an international exhibition held in Berlin and, since then, things changed.

The volume of its exports is increasing every year and currently exceeds the volume distributed in the domestic market. 'Nefeli' has achieved a significant presence in the international markets!

Our products

fruit packages

The volume of Greek products currently distributed by 'Nefeli' exceeds 15,000 tonnes. This volume is spearheaded by peaches - nectarines with 5,000 tonnes, followed by kiwifruit with 4,000 tonnes. Apart from the above products, apples, oranges, pears, apricots, tangerines and cherries make up the bulk of the company's exports.

As regards the imported products distributed by 'Nefeli', the list is topped by lemons with 4,200 tonnes, followed by apples with 2,150 tonnes, oranges with 1,880 tonnes, and grapefruit with 1,570 tonnes, while a significant place in the 'basket' of imported products is also held by pineapples, pears, kiwifruit and grapes.

graph with the distribution of imported products based on the volume of distribution
Graph with sales volume at home and abroad (2000 - 2009)
graph with the distribution of Greek products based on the volume of distribution

The future

In Greek mythology, the story of Nephele is well-known and very interesting. At our 'Nefeli', history is still being written and will definitely not stop at just ten years. The company's export orientation, its founders' strong feeling of responsibility and the presence of the second generation in the company's administration, featuring Stefanos Sarantidis, make us believe that in the coming years, 'Nefeli' will become a leader in the fresh fruit & vegetable sector of our country, adding new success to its history. 'Nefeli' still has much to say in the future.

company truck - external photo of facilities

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